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Program Committee

  • Dr. Marie Postma, Professor of  Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

  • Dr. Menno van Zaanen, Professor in Digital Humanities, South African Centre for Digital Language Resources, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa.

  • Dr. Andrés Adolfo Navarro Newball, professor, Pontificia Javeriana University. Colombia.

  • Dr. Wilder Escobar.  Research group “Educación e Investigación UNBOSQUE”. University of the Bosque (PTE). Colombia.

  • Claudia Patricia Pérez Romero. Director of the department of virtual and distance education, University of the Bosque. (PTE). Colombia.

  • Marta Luisa Montiel Chamorro. Senior of the Department of Education. University of the Bosque. Colombia.

Organizing committee

  • Dr. Sindey C. Bernal, University of the Bosque, Colombia

  • Alexandra Sierra, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

  • Mariana Dias da Silva. Tilburg University, The Netherlands

  • Ginna Paola Herrera Calero. University of Bosque. Colombia.

  • Diego Fernando Tovar Murillo. University of Bosque. Colombia.

  • Fidel Mauricio Ramírez Aristizábal. University of Bosque. Colombia.

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